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Glitter Kit D

Item #: GL-KITD
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    There are 30 each of the following glitter tattoo designs included:  G2 (Fairy) G5 (Butterfly) G6 (Spider) G12 (Gecko) G75 Crown G81 (Unicorn) G88 (T-Rex) G112 (U S Flag) G115 (Shooting Star) G141 (Cherries) G150 (Bat Trio) G152 (Bat 1) G288 (Lightening Bolt) G322 (Star Trio) G324 (Heart Trio) G325 (Butterfly Trio) G357 (Dolphin 2) G436 (Turtle Trio) G444 (Smiley Shark) G467 (Snowflake Trio) G482 (Footprint Trio) and  G525 (Firecracker).